Open to the Sky - Call For Guides

Dear Friends:

A sukkah is a house that gives no shelter, a house that parodies the idea of security.

It's a Jewish sand mandala of a building, open to the sky and used for seven days around the time of the fall harvest and then dismantled. It's rickety and tenuous, creating the illusion of permanence and highlighting the impermanence of everything.

This fall, we will once again be building Open to the Sky, the Beacon community sukkah at Pohill Park. The Jewish tradition teaches that absolutely everyone -- including you -- has a small piece of the Truth with a capital T.

If you have a little slice of Truth you'd like to share with the community, please click here to sign up as a guide - to teach a class, to lead a workshop, to facilitate a discussion at Open to the Sky. 

You can guide:

  • a discussion, class, workshop or virtually any other gathering you can imagine;
  • something which comes from a specific faith tradition or not.

You cannot guide:

  • a commercial gathering - all teachings in Open to the Sky are freely offered;
  • a program which endorses a political candidate;
  • an illegal program;
  • a program which involves glass or open flames; 
  • a program which disparages any people or groups.

Open to the Sky: The Beacon Sukkah Project will be at Polhill Park in Beacon, NY from September 23 to October 1, 2018. Click here for an article about Open to the Sky. 

Please note: The sukkah has only picnic tables, a microphone and speakers - that's it. If there is anything else you need participants to have, please plan on bringing it. If you have any questions, please be in touch!

Click here to see more about the project as a whole. 

With Blessings,

Rabbi Brent Spodek and the Open to the Sky Planning Team