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Upstairs FAQ

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Upstairs FAQ


Do I need to wear a Kippah or a Tallis?
Kippot or yarmulkes are the headcoverings you’ll see people wearing and a tallis is the prayer shawl. If you’re comfortable wearing either or both, wear them! If you have questions, ask one of the ushers. If you want to experiment and try wearing one, try it! If it’s not for you, or not for you right now, don’t worry about it. We do ask that people who are coming up on the bima (stage) for Torah honors wear a tallis and kippah out of respect for the Torah.


I notice that the person next to me isn’t wearing a tallis and/or kippah and it’s really bothering me. Can I remind them to wear one?
No, please don’t. Focus on how you can best get your heart right with the Holy One and let your neighbor worry about how he or she can best get their heart right with the Holy One.


I want to be at services, but I can’t focus for five (plus) hours. Can I bring a book?

Great idea - some Jewish books that might be good for the season are This Is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared: The Days of Awe as a Journey of Transformation and These Are the Words: A Vocabulary of Jewish Spiritual Life. But please leave the electronics - phones, kindles, ipads, etc - at home, and if people big and small can refrain from writing during the upstairs service, that would be appreciated.


My neighbor is flipping furiously through the pages. Can I help them find their place?
Absolutely - a good rule of thumb when it comes to giving direction to a fellow congregant is to ask if you are helping them get where they want to be or where you think they should be. If it’s the former, please help; if it’s the latter, please don’t.


Downstairs FAQ


Can I leave my kids downstairs and then go back upstairs?  
Well, it depends. For tots, (ages 2-4), we ask that they be accompanied by one of their grown ups. For kids (ages 5-12), we ask that you entrust your kids to our amazing teachers and take part in the davvening upstairs. When we don’t have structured programs, please stay with your children to supervise them. Click here for details about family services on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, the second day of Rosh Hashanah, and on Yom Kippur. There are no services specifically for children on the afternoon of the first day of Rosh Hashanah, but community members of all ages gather at Long Dock Park for Tashlich.


What if I need a break? Can I hang out downstairs and talk to my friends?
We would really rather you didn’t. Noise travels easily here. If you need to take a break, please take it outside our very small building.


Can my kids eat?
Yes. we’ve got snacks for the kids on Rosh HaShona and for kids, even on Yom Kippor. Please don’t bring any outside food into BHA unless you are sure you understand our food policy.
My kids are bored and a little rambunctious. Is it cool if they just run around and scream?
Ummm.... no.